Making Your Job More Fulfilling Through Brain Training
Have you felt that your job doesn't truly fulfill any part of your life? Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these feelings and get more out of your job.
Signs You’re Experiencing Job Burnout
Burnout can manifest itself differently in people, but there are some common signs and symptoms you can look out for to understand if you are suffering from it.
Here's proof that brain training can give you better focus.
With everything going on in our lives, it’s easy to make mistakes. No one can be 100% focused every day, all the time. But we can improve focus with training.
Respond Don't React: Train Your Brain to Be Calm
What if we could respond the way we want when the tension gets high? Through mind training we can train ourselves to respond in a new way.
Zen Workspaces: How To Optimize Your Workspace For Optimum Productivity
While you may not realize it, the things that surround you affects your productivity. Here are things that you can do to make your workspace a productive one:
Will Stress Hurt My Gains? How Stress Impacts Mental & Physical Fitness
Research has shown that some habits can help us decrease our stress and manage it in a healthy manner, FocusCalm’s headband and brain training app can help.
Brain Training Neurofeedback for a Calm and Focused Mind
Neuroplasticity is our brain's ability to change based on practicing a skill. In the FocusCalm games, entering a relaxed state means you're winning.
Brain Training Programs for Better Performance
Thanks to neuroplasticity, you are able to train your brain! There are plenty of real-world scenarios where brain training can help you feel and perform better.
Train your Brain for Better Focus and a Calmer Mind
FocusCalm helps to train your brain. We recently released an updated version of the App along with our newly designed bluetooth headband. Find out more!
Does Your Diet Impact Your Stress Level?
A healthy diet can help lessen stress levels, especially when paired with exercise, meditation, and other mental health practices, such as using FocusCalm!
How Much Stress Is Normal?
How much is a normal amount of stress? Here are some tips to help notice and manage unhealthy amounts of stress you may be experiencing.
Wellness Technology: A Look Into the Future
Wellness states like relaxation, focus, happiness, being at ease...are the ways we want to feel. Here are techniques that help us access these states with intent.
Stressed Out? Relief is Just a Sigh Away
Sighing is your body’s natural response to feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It can make you feel good, and ease your mind and body. Here are some ways it helps!
The Science of Neurofeedback Devices and Training
Neurofeedback devices measure your brain activity to provide feedback on your mental state. When you quantify that state, you can practice influencing it.
Maximal Effort is Not Optimal Effort: How to Apply This "Skill".
When you work out you don't push your heart rate to its limit without taking breaks? "Maximal is not optimal. Leave some slack in your rope."
FocusCalm: 12 Minutes Per Day for Less Stress
In a study conducted by Dr. Jha and researchers at UMiami, found that practicing mindfulness for at least 12 minutes per day was enough to see benefits.
Brain Fitness: Less Stress, Better Sleep, More Focus
It’s limiting to think that meditation is the only way to improve your mind. With countless variations of mind fitness/training, with all different benefits.
Addressing Anxiety: Deep Breaths Aren't Enough
Helping anxiety often comes with the recommendation of taking a deep breath. But what should you do if that doesn't work?
Sleep Relaxation: 2 Practices to Fall Asleep Quicker and Manage Your Sleep
Sleep relaxation encompasses different practices that help you fall asleep quicker and get more rest. This piece will explain 2 simple practices we use.
Stress About Being Stressed? Avoid This Mistake.
We get anxious or upset and unfortunately bring on another wave of anxiety about being anxious? We worry about being worried. Isn't it great to be human...
What Happens When You Meditate? OR Your Brain on Buddhism
Meditation and other practices are core to contemplative traditions around the world. What if you could see inside your brain while you meditate?

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