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Train your Brain for Better Focus and a Calmer Mind

FocusCalm trains your brain to be calmer and more focused. To better deliver on this promise, we recently released an updated version of FocusCalm on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and a newly designed headband that uses Bluetooth for easier connection.

In addition to a new design, we’ve added new Meditations, new neurofeedback Calm Games, and new Focus Games that target your memory, attention, pattern recognition, and reaction time.

We’ve also added more detailed analytics so you can better track your progress, a new FocusCalm assessment test, and a team portal feature for sports teams and workplaces that want to train their brains together and share their results.

Despite all the “new-ness”, the core of what FocusCalm does is the same: help you train your brain to be calmer and more focused, so you can feel better and perform your best.

Without a way to measure improvement, it’s hard to know what’s working and what’s not. That’s why we’ve beefed up our design to make your brainwave-based FocusCalm score available to you throughout the entire app experience.

We represent this with a “volumetric” that fills up as you calm your brain. A top score of 100 means your brain looks extremely relaxed. It’s always present, so anytime you have your headband on and the FocusCalm app open, you can see your current brain state.

To help deepen this state of calm, our new Meditations and Calm Games provide engaging ways for you to practice “flexing” your mental calm muscle. Over time you can strengthen your brain’s ability to relax.

The Focus Games target specific executive functions like working memory, sustained attention, pattern recognition, decision making, reaction time, and procession speed. These games also reinforce one of the unique skills FocusCalm gives its users: the ability to stay calm under pressure.

In Focus Games, in order to get a high score, not only do you need to perform well on the executive function task, but you also need to practice keeping your brain in a state of calm.

It’s great to be able to relax in the peace of your own home but to be able to stay calm when the pressure is on, is a whole other level of achievement.

We’ll be exploring our new features in-depth in future posts, so stay tuned to learn more about what FocusCalm can do for you.

If you’d like to try it 30 days risk-free, you can order your new Bluetooth version of FocusCalm here: 30 Days Risk-Free.


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