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FocusCalm EEG Headband

Neurofeedback Training
for Better Focus and a
Calmer Mind

Powerful neurofeedback to reduce stress and improve well-being.
Calm Your Mind

Manage Your
Stress & Anxiety

Through guided neurofeedback meditations and relaxing games
Practice Mindfulness

Enhance Your Daily
Wellness Routine

Use neurofeedback to build habits that help you feel and sleep better.

What Is FocusCalm?

Powerful At-Home Neurofeedback Training

FocusCalm uses EEG technology to measure brain activity and a variety of games, exercises and meditations to help improve your ability to focus and relax your mind.

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3-Step Process

Discover new ways to calm your mind with guided meditations, breathing exercises and sports psychology content.

As you practice controlling your mindset with calming neurofeedback games, your brain changes the way it responds to stress & anxiety.

Learn to stay calm under pressure with Focus games that target your executive functions like memory, attention, and decision making. 

The Power of Neurofeedback

Brain training can actually change the way your brain works

Recommended by Experts


My biggest challenge I had been trying to solve in working in the field of sport psychology was how to find a way to show quantified data to athletes that mental training is actually helping them. FocusCalm has been a great way to be able to do just that even from my mobile device.
The changes I noticed were that I was able to show this data in an easy to use format without even having to be with my athletes. They could also see that mental training can be fun through using the integrated games through FocusCalm. I have been using this with our baseball pitchers during their bullpen sessions - mentally putting them in stressful situations to see how they can get back to a more relaxed state allowing them to be able to pitch more in flow. I would say that at the price point and with all that it offers FocusCalm is a great solution to helping with one of the toughest parts of competition. I see people spending plenty of money on better equipment each year for their sport but the best equipment you have is your mind and FocusCalm is a great training tool for the one item that won't become outdated. It’s definitely a great product and a very easy to use app. With consistent use I could see this being a staple in high level athlete’s training regimen to supplement their physical training.

Austin Halcomb, M.S.Ed.
Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC), Founder & CEO of Prime Performance

I serve as the Performance Coach for Auburn Wheelchair Basketball under the direction of Head Coach Robb Taylor. With assistance from the FocusCalm Team, we identified several student-athletes and assigned them to an evidence-based (5-week) FocusCalm protocol. The protocol was designed to measure changes in performance, health, and well-being from using neurofeedback as the basis of training. Our student-athletes not only enjoyed the overall experience, but the results were impactful across the board. Progressive shifts in their mindsets, focus, and sense of equanimity were some of the positive outcomes from using the FocusCalm Headband.
The ongoing collaboration has been fruitful to say the least and we look forward to forthcoming
collaborative efforts with FocusCalm. I recommend the company, product, and especially the people to any of my clients.

Ford Dyke, Ph.D.
Performance Coach Auburn - Wheelchair Basketball

I have been a board-certified Neurofeedback practitioner for many, many years and have tried most headbands on the market. This one is beautifully made, charges quickly, connects to Bluetooth almost immediately which is a huge improvement over other devices, includes enough programs and exercises in the app to keep you busy but not so many to overwhelm you! The tech-support is impeccable and the price point is extremely reasonable for the product that you are receiving. I have a lifetime subscription and I am recommending it to all colleagues, clients, friends and family. I highly recommend this device to anyone who wishes to train their brain non-invasively for peak performance and calm focus. FocusCalm wins!

Susan Antelis

FocusCalm has been very helpful in creating a space where I have been able to increase my awareness of my mindset needs. The preset programs are very intuitive and concise enough to be used during our very busy schedule. I would recommend Focuscalm as a great complementary addition to any performance and wellness system.

Robert Yip
esports coach

One of my former coaches, Dick Vermeil, used to say, ’90 percent of what we do on the football field is mental.’ That mental preparation was done in the form of film review, walk throughs and understanding how best to attack each defense. Yet, we never did anything to increase our mental capacity to learn through managing stress and increasing mindfulness. FocusCalm has created a dynamic game plan to help me increase my cognitive ability and perform at the highest level.

John Welbourn
9 Year NFL Veteran & CEO of Power Athlete

I started using FocusCalm a few months ago and it immediately became one of the core tools I use to provide mental training to the athletes I’m working with. One of my athletes is Iga Swiatek, the 2020 French Open champion. She uses it daily before and after practice and after matches.

I love the quality of the device and how thoughtful the app is. The exercises and games are well designed and enjoyable. I’m excited to integrate FocusCalm even more deeply into my programs and look forward to finding new ways to apply technology to sports psychology.

Daria Abramowicz
Sports Psychologist & Mental Training Coach

As a health professional, I really love the fact that FocusCalm gives instant input on how active my mind is. I highly recommend this device.

Dr. Theresa Larson
DPT, CSCS, Strength Coach at Movement RX, Author of "Warrior"

The Workplace Experience with FocusCalm enabled our team to realize that Wellbeing and Mindfulness may be significantly enhanced by training our minds to relax and focus. Facilitated by amazing exercises, and dynamic/fun group sharing, we learned how we each may manage our mindset; and, how fundamentally beneficial that is to self and team.

Tom Finn
President/CEO & Employee-owner AVID Products, Inc.

When it comes to esports, the mental aspect is by far the most important…when you’re playing on stage there’s so many high pressure situations. Your job’s basically on the line every single match you play. Being able to improve your mental fortitude and get more relaxed in these high-pressure situations is what adds the most stability to our placements and our success.

Brian Baroska
Head Coach, Minnesota Rokkr

“The more I looked into it the more I realized how brilliant it is that they’ve set up the training mechanisms this device and the software in particular.”

– Dr. Cody Rall MD with Techforpsych

Emma Baumert is now convinced the device works. “I got to visualise and learn how to have better control, and what training I need to do to get into a more relaxed state, while still being able to have very high explosive power output.”

“All parts of the FocusCalm system work together to provide you with neurofeedback: a score that represents your brain activity during these exercises. That neurofeedback helps you identify what practices best get you into focused and calm states.”

Max Newlon, President of BrainCo, joins ‘Cheddar Innovates’ to discuss how its ‘FocusCalm’ wearable is using the latest tech to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.

“The FocusCalm headband is great for someone who is looking to figure out how their brain relaxes. Through the games and meditations it walks you through how to decrease your brain activity and maintain a calmer outlook on life.”

Expert Content and Coaching

Discover the power of breathing with new interactive exercises and content from Dana Santas, the Mobility Maker

Dana Santas, CSCS*D, E-RYT
Pro Sports Breathing Coach

FocusCalm works in just a few minutes a day

7 minutes of FocusCalm can improve your mental performance

Version 3.0

Greater Well-being

Reducing stress can help you enjoy life and feel more content at work, at home and in all the relationships that matter to you.

Better Health

Lowering psychological stress can help reduce common health problems and even help you sleep better.

Higher Performance

Managing your mindset can increase productivity, improve decision-making and deliver better results in athletics and at work.

More Energy

Training with FocusCalm can help you feel more energized throughout your day.

FocusCalm News & Reviews

Dr. Cody Rall, TechforPsych

Better Performance & Productivity

FocusCalm can increase well-being at work by up to 21%

*Results based on a study conducted by FocusCalm using the World Health Organization’s WHO-5 Wellbeing Index.

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