FlowCode Golf Academy

Get Your Golf Game in Flow.

Unlock the Secrets of the Mental Game
Professional golf mental coach Dr. Rick Sessinghaus helps you build your own Flow Code to improve your game from strategy to swing so you can play your best.

Find Your Own Flow Code

7-Day FocusCalm Series

Day 1 - Breathwork


Learn fundamental techniques for better breathing and performance


  • Slow Breaths - Beginner
  • Breathwalk - Beginner
  • Dolphin Breaths - Beginner

Day 2 - Visualization


Visualize success and reach your potential.


  • Golf Flow Meditation
  • Flow Goal Meditation
  • Deep Sleep Meditation

Day 3 - Embodiment


Discover exercises that bring awareness to calm your body and mind


  • Body Awareness Scan
  • Full Body Scan

Day 4 - Music


Discover ways to use music and ambient sounds to enhance your performance.


  • Soothing Ocean Waves
  • Light Rain Ambiance
  • Camp Fireplace
  • Nature Waking Up
  • Theta Wave Experience

Day 5 - Soft Focus

Soft Focus

Learn how to use soft focus to reduce distractions and improve your focus.


  • Soft Focus Drill

Day 6 - Balance


Learn a variety of at-home and on-course exercises to improve your overall balance.


  • Stable Counterbalance
  • Fluid Spin
  • Bridge Tower

Day 7 - Flow Mindsets

Flow Mindsets

Learn the mindset keys for getting into the flow for golf.


  • 7 Mindsets Ritual
  • Growth Mindset Ritual
  • Playful Mindset Ritual
  • Gratitude Mindset Ritual
  • Intention to the Flow Ritual

The FlowCode Method

Tap into your superhuman potential and address all important parts of golf performance in an effective way. Learn how to play golf in the state of flow.
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