Discover how Mental Fitness is the Same as Physical Fitness
Mental training isn't hard to do...In fact, the principles are very much like the physical training we do.
4 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions (And 1 Resolution You Should Make)
It's not easy keeping your New Years Resolutions...But there are ways to improve your odds. We'll also tell you about a resolution you should make things even easier!
Study Shows Exercise Improves Mental Performance
In partnership with the Good Athlete Project, FocusCalm has demonstrated that a brief physical activity session can reduce mental load while maintaining peak cognitive performance.
Stay Ahead of The Competition, Be Preemptive About Mental Health

Research states athletes underuse mental health treatments available to them. Be preemptive about mental health, FocusCalm helps you gain a calmer and more focused mind.

Getting More Comfortable With Brain Health
FocusCalm is the most comfortable and durable EEG Headband in the market. With just 15 minutes a day, FocusCalm can help improve your mental health. Try it now!
Teacher Burnout - Back to School Doesn’t Have to Mean Back to Stress
Burnout is a real problem, teachers and students require the resources needed to prevent and address burnout. The FocusCalm headband and app can be just that.
The Path to Flow State
Music enhances mindfulness and reduces stress through neurofeedback training. FocusCalm’s headband and app trains your brain for better focus and a calmer mind.
Police chief: mental training for officers will save lives
Police Chief finds mental health training device and app FocusCalm, to be useful for mental health maintenance and coping with the demands of the job.
Mindfulness Home Design 2022: Expert Tips to Inspire Mindfulness at Home
To bring peace and tranquility into your home we reached out to mindfulness experts across the country to provide the best tips to inspire mindfulness at home.
BBC Article: Smart Headbands claim to make people calmer. Do they Work?
Using EEG and neurofeedback techniques, FocusCalm helps you learn how to manage your mindset through various meditations, games, and breathing exercises.
Bring Your New Year’s Resolutions into Focus in 2022
Our New Year's strategies can improve focus at work, improve concentration, and reduce anxiety. Set your New Year’s resolutions with FocusCalm.
FocusCalm’s 2021 Wellness Gift Guide
Gift giving is right around the corner! We have a number of health and wellness gift suggestions that pair perfectly with our Focus Calm headband and app.
Managing the Stress of the Holidays with FocusCalm
We love them but they sometimes bring some unwanted stress. Big family dinners can be chaotic, which is why we at Focus Calm offer some tips to help manage!
Stay Focused While Studying: Tips & Tricks
School season may bring unwanted stress, and focus may become harder to manage. We at FocusCalm have some tips and tricks to help gain a calmer mind.
Go With the Flow: Achieving Flow State
Flow state is about achieving a state of 'flow' while working or concentrating. FocusCalm
can improve your happiness and creativity for life's full immersion.
What is Job Burnout & How Can I Prevent It?
Job burnout is real, resulting in feeling overworked, stressed, and exhausted.Thankfully, we have ways to prevent and manage those feelings in meaningful ways.
How to Help with Job Burnout as a Nurse
Nurse burnout is increasingly more common, especially due to COVID-19. Here are some signs you may be experiencing burnout with tips on how to manage.
Making Your Job More Fulfilling Through Brain Training
Have you felt that your job doesn't truly fulfill any part of your life? Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these feelings and get more out of your job.
Signs You’re Experiencing Job Burnout
Burnout can manifest itself differently in people, but there are some common signs and symptoms you can look out for to understand if you are suffering from it.
Here's proof that brain training can give you better focus.
With everything going on in our lives, it’s easy to make mistakes. No one can be 100% focused every day, all the time. But we can improve focus with training.
Respond Don't React: Train Your Brain to Be Calm
What if we could respond the way we want when the tension gets high? Through mind training we can train ourselves to respond in a new way.

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