Managing the Stress of the Holidays with FocusCalm

Managing the Stress of the Holidays with FocusCalm

Holiday Stress

During the holidays, it's tradition to exchange gifts, spend time with loved ones, and indulge in delicious treats. However, it might also be a time that generates unwanted stress and worry, particularly when dealing with relatives. Dinners with a large family may be hectic and unpleasant, especially if certain subjects, like politics or religion, are brought up. To refocus your concentration and lower your anxiety level to handle these challenging situations, use stress management strategies like  FocusCalm.


How to Reduce Anxiety

FocusCalm utilizes meditation, neurofeedback, and brain games to help you destress and better concentrate. Our neuro stress relief headband is a wearable device that is paired with our integrated app. With our technology, you can participate in guided meditations and learn how to reduce anxiety. Through our brain games, you can retrain your brain to focus and stay relaxed.

Together with the application and the wearable headband, you will receive neurofeedback to let you know when you are focused and relaxed, and when you are not. You can use this data as a neuro stress relief and learn how to further destress. FocusCalm is the ultimate stress management tool because with consistent use, it can completely retrain your brain. Begin using FocusCalm prior to the holiday season to effectively navigate potential stressors.


Invest in an Effective Stress Management Tool Today!

FocusCalm has been tested by our team and others to show that with consistent use, users’ well-being increases by over 21%. We are confident that FocusCalm will provide you the same neuro stress relief and reduce your anxiety this holiday season. Try FocusCalm today! For questions or concerns, check out our frequently asked support questions or contact us directly. Start your FocusCalm journey now.


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