FocusCalm’s 2021 Wellness Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and that means gift giving is right around the corner. FocusCalm has a number of health and wellness gift suggestions that would pair perfectly with the FocusCalm neurofeedback headband and app. The 2021 holiday season is the year to fully embrace mindfulness and retrain our brains to focus on the right things. Our wellness gift guide has carefully selected meaningful gifts with a healthy lifestyle at the center.

Best Wellness Gifts

If you are interested in giving the gift that keeps on giving, check out the FocusCalm headband and lifetime membership to the FocusCalm app. Together, this technology will allow you or a loved one to train your brain to focus, reduce anxiety, and better manage stress. We recommend pairing FocusCalm with any of the following health and wellness gifts:

  1. LifeAid: LifeAid is a wellness beverage formulated with high-quality vitamins and minerals to help your body perform at it’s best. Beverage subscriptions and gift cards could be the perfect gift for your fitness loving friend or family member.
  1. Neurogum: Neurogum is a functional gum and mint to help you re-energize, calm down, and focus on the present. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer!
  1. Warrior: A Memoir: Purchase Dr. Teresa Larson’s memoir and read through her struggle to understand what it means to be truly strong and healthy.
  1. Meditation Cushion: With the help of a meditation cushion, increase your daily comfort while practicing guided meditations with FocusCalm.
  1. Goop Health & Wellness Gift Card: When you are unsure what to purchase for a friend or family member, a gift card is always appreciated. Check out the Goop gift cards so a loved one can purchase high quality skincare products, travel essentials, and other wellness items.
  1. Bandier Gift Card: For the gym-rat in your life, a gift card for a new sports bra or workout tank is the perfect holiday gift. Bandier has a great selection of workout clothes and gear.
  1. USAW & USABS Memberships: Gift a healthy habit or new experience this year with a USA Weightlifting membership or a membership to the USA bobsled-skeleton federation.
  1. Mobility Maker’s Breathe Better 101 Course: Learn and understand how to breathe better when working out, running, or practicing your favorite sport. Gift a pro-sports breathing course to enhance your loved one’s performance.
  1. Cured Nutrition CBD Products: Purchase high-quality CBD products for a friend or family member who loves to use CBD in their performance supplements, for their pets, and to feel calmer and more balanced. Check out the products by Cured Nutrition.

We believe these are the best wellness gifts to pair with the FocusCalm headband and app. We know that your friends and family members will find a newfound love for mindfulness and meditation with their retrained brain.

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Give the ability to focus and reduce anxiety this holiday season. Purchase the FocusCalm headband and app (available in both a yearly and lifetime membership) to give the gift of concentration.


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