Getting More Comfortable With Brain Health

Getting More Comfortable With Brain Health

Why settle for the design of EEG headbands that are causing you dull headaches, pinching behind the ear, or constant slippage that needs frequent readjustment?

From sun salutations to sun down, FocusCalm is the most comfortable and durable EEG Headband in the market that combines cutting edge technology with ease of use. Whether you are using the headband for the recommended 15  minutes a day or for longer use, FocusCalm has been shown to improve your mental health.

The FocusCalm headband is designed for optimal comfort and provides trustworthy insight into brain activity by utilizing medical-grade biofeedback EEG sensors. These sensors help to translate your mental state into a FocusCalm score, where you are then able to work towards improving it. The sensors are easy to clean between uses and are extremely durable. 

FocusCalm displays your FocusCalm score in real time while offering meditations and cognitive activities to help you improve your score and your life. The gadget trains your brain for greater attention and mental clarity.


Meditation has been shown in hundreds of studies to enhance one's health and well-being. FocusCalm has dozens of them, with new ones being added every week!

Wearable Neurofeedback

The FDA has approved neurofeedback for relaxation, and we've conducted our own studies to demonstrate that it can decrease stress and enhance wellbeing.

Brain Games

The brain games in FocusCalm are used by F1 drivers, professional weightlifters, and people just like you to improve your ability to stay calm under pressure.

Try FocusCalm Today to Improve Mental Health!

FocusCalm is wearable technology and wellness practices coming together as one. We are the first to combine this level of personalization to brain training and mindfulness. If you want to be more focused and perform at a higher level, try FocusCalm today.


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