Stay Ahead of The Competition, Be Preemptive About Mental Health

Stay Ahead of The Competition, Be Preemptive About Mental Health

Address the Stress

Whether its athletes racing to the finish line or racing to find the next best workout, the world of sports is becoming more and more competitive everyday.

Researchers have found that athletes significantly underuse mental health treatments available to them. This may be for a variety of reasons, including the longstanding stigma associated with mental health. The present conversation in sports regarding the promotion of athletes' mental health and wellness has mostly centered on raising literacy or educating players about the warning signs of mental illness. Rather than just treating it after it has already occurred, let's stop it before it begins. Be preemptive about your mental health, choose FocusCalm to help you gain a calmer and more focused mind.

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Train Your Brain Like You Train Your Body.

Reports of athletes suffering from burnout, stress and/or anxiety continue to increase everyday. Early detection of, and intervention for, mental health symptoms is essential in the elite sporting context. Such approaches help build cultures that acknowledge that an athlete’s mental health needs are as important as their physical health needs. Both health needs contribute to optimizing the athlete’s overall wellbeing in addition to boosting performance excellence.

While promoting mental wellbeing is a crucial part of the mission, we also need to equip athletes with a way to use the skills they’ve learned in order to improve their mental health. Try FocusCalm today and find out how professional F1 Drivers, NFL players, and Olympic athletes use the neurofeedback headband and app to take their game to the next level.


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