USA Bobsled & Skeleton Team Uses FocusCalm to Improve Performance

Study Shows Exercise Improves Mental Performance

FocusCalm Shows Cognitive Improvement With Physical Activity

Good Athlete Project Partners with FocusCalm

A recent study conducted by the Good Athlete Project in partnership with FocusCalm has demonstrated that a brief physical activity session can reduce cognitive load while maintaining peak cognitive performance. 

Research Protocol: Measuring Mental Effort Before and After Workouts

Utilizing the FocusCalm headband and app, the subjects performed an executive functioning test at the same intensity level before and after they exercised to determine if there was any difference in performance.

After a 20-minute round of exercise, the FocusCalm scores rose from an average of 48.29 (±8.87) to 65.87 (±13.40) on a 100 point scale. This accounts for an impressive increase of 37.91%. It was revealed that after exercise the participants in the study required substantially less mental effort to complete the test.This may suggest that you can enhance your wellbeing and prevent burnout by incorporating exercise into your everyday routine. Cognitively demanding tasks may be completed with less effort, which can in turn free up a lot of mental bandwidth.  

Whether to avoid the negative consequences of inactivity, improve mental and physical health, or simply to improve cognitive function, this study strongly indicates that exercise plays a vital role in overall cognitive health and performance. 

“There really is no magic pill to this," says Max Newlon, President of FocusCalm. "Be thoughtful and apply these lessons when things get tough.”

Click here to read the full study. 

About FocusCalm

FocusCalm's wearable headband quantifies the mental state of an individual in real time. By analyzing EEG signals using a machine-learning-derived algorithm, FocusCalm captures over 1000 features per second that are correlated with an individual's particular mental state—Highly active or 'focused' and minimally active or 'relaxed'— and translates the data into the FocusCalm Score.

Try the FocusCalm EEG headband to see how FocusCalm can help you discover how exercise and activity can improve your mental abilities.


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