The Path to Flow State

The Path to Flow State

Music Enhances Mindfulness and Reduces Stress.

Where are they?! They’re not in your pocket…not in your bag…then suddenly, you realize you left them at home.

Only when we lose our headphones do we realize how much we rely on music to help get us through the day. When we're feeling stressed out or anxious, our favorite music is able to relax us and get us into a Flow State.  

Flow is a state of complete immersion in an activity with dedicated focus and minimal response to distractions.Our FocusCalm neurofeedback headband and app will determine which of your favorite songs will help you to achieve a state of flow.

 For more information about flow state and how to achieve it, please see the link provided.

Here are some ways music can help you achieve Flow State!

  1. Relax the body and the mind. Playing some peaceful music could be the remedy for your anxiety or overwhelming feelings. According to studies, listening to a soothing playlist can reduce stress and promote relaxation by lowering blood pressure, slowing breathing and heart rate, and lowering the levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in the body. This makes it simpler to release tension and put worries and problems to rest.

  2. Promote concentration and focus. Listening to music while working on a task has been shown in studies to improve concentration, alertness, and mental performance. Listen to some upbeat music the next time you notice your attention slipping. Choose background music with simple lyrics to avoid unnecessary distractions.

  3. Develop mindfulness. Music can help us develop our mindfulness practice. Mindful listening allows us to witness whatever happens with less reactivity because it keeps us in the present. Try it! Listen to music with intention, noting the melody, rhythm, and tone. Take note of the emotions it evokes, and if your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the music.

  4. Enhance your mood. Each of us has music that instantly changes our mood. Furthermore, studies have shown a link between music and mood, which can release dopamine and prevent depression. Make a playlist of your favorite songs so you have some mood-lifters on hand the next time you're feeling down. Singing along or dancing to music is encouraged because it stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's "happy" chemical.

  5. Boost energy and motivation. There's a good reason why exercising while listening to music is more bearable. This is due to the fact that fast-paced, uplifting music increases your heart rate and offers you an energy boost, boosting motivation and enhancing performance. So the next time you need to start a task you've been putting off or get into gear, try playing your favorite energizing music.

Wearable Technology: Brain Training for Your Everyday Life

Through neurofeedback training FocusCalm’s headband allows you to train your brain for better focus and a calmer mind. Our in-app tracker feature provides the ability to determine which of your favorite songs can help you to achieve Flow State.

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FocusCalm is wearable technology and wellness practices coming together as one. We are the first to combine this level of personalization to brain training and mindfulness. If you want to be more focused at work with a higher level of performance, Try Focuscalm Today!


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