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Better focus. Less stress. More productivity.
Wellness in the workplace is a big topic these days. With FocusCalm, your employees can discover new ways to feel better about their work…and themselves.

In The Office

Offer FocusCalm in breakrooms, nursing rooms or meditation areas to provide employees with a mental break during the day.

At Home

Provide FocusCalm to employees as a perk or at discounted prices through your company portal.

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I have been a board-certified Neurofeedback practitioner for many, many years and have tried most headbands on the market. This one is beautifully made, charges quickly, connects to Bluetooth almost immediately which is a huge improvement over other devices, includes enough programs and exercises in the app to keep you busy but not so many to overwhelm you! The tech-support is impeccable and the price point is extremely reasonable for the product that you are receiving. I have a lifetime subscription and I am recommending it to all colleagues, clients, friends and family. I highly recommend this device to anyone who wishes to train their brain non-invasively for peak performance and calm focus. FocusCalm wins!

Susan Antelis
Clinical Director, NY Biofeedback

The Workplace Experience with FocusCalm enabled our team to realize that Wellbeing and Mindfulness may be significantly enhanced by training our minds to relax and focus. Facilitated by amazing exercises, and dynamic/fun group sharing, we learned how we each may manage our mindset; and, how fundamentally beneficial that is to self and team.

Tom Finn
President/CEO & Employee-owner AVID Products, Inc.

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Based on measurements using the World Health Organization’s WHO-5 Wellbeing Index, FocusCalm increased users’ sense of well-being at work by 21%.

  • FocusCalm’s impact on workplace wellness
  • How stress affects the workplace
  • Stress impacts on employees and employers
  • The importance of mental wellness programs
  • Stress interventions
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  • Custom assignments and programs

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  • Team success manager
  • Discounted FocusCalm Headbands
  • Custom company branding & onboarding
  • Research studies

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