Deliver customized mental training to every member of your practice, team or organization.
Create Multiple Teams

Design your organization and teams any way you wish. Assign team 'managers' and add team members. For organizations that require a higher level of privacy, you can set the team so no one knows who the other members are.

View Team Stats At A Glance

Review your entire group's activity and progress while you keep track of assignments.

Review Individuals' Usage and Progress

Monitor progress on the 3 main metrics of the FocusCalm score: Speed, Depth and Consistency.

Create Custom Programs & Protocols

Review your entire group's activity and progress and keep track of assignments.

Export FocusCalm Data

Export the data in common formats to bring it into your favorite performance statistic management platform.

Sample Protocols

The FocusCalm Team will work with you to develop custom programs to help your team members succeed.