Zen Workspaces: How To Optimize Your Workspace For Optimum Productivity

Zen Workspaces: How To Optimize Your Workspace For Optimum Productivity

While you may not realize it, the things that surround you affect your productivity. Whether you work at home or in an office, there are ways to optimize your space to maximize your productivity. You spend much of your life working, so it’s essential to make it the best it can be so that you can be the best you can be.

Here are things that you can do to make your workspace a productive one:

Bring The Outdoors In

Getting back to nature is restorative. While you may not be able to work in the woods, you can bring a little of the outdoors into your workspace. A plant, a Zen garden, or even a desktop water element can get you closer to a calming environment that helps you focus on your work.

Clutter Causes Chaos

Simplify your workspace by freeing yourself from clutter. A cluttered workspace can lead to distraction, which reduces your productivity. Create a Zen-like environment by:

  • Reviewing your space monthly to sort, clean, and discard unnecessary items.
  • Clearing papers off your desk by either filing them, acting on them, delegating them, or trashing them.
  • Ridding your desk of other clutter such as pens, a stapler, sticky notes, and other items by putting them in desk drawers.
  • Having one inbox on your desk for incoming work and other to-dos. Focus on completing the tasks daily in the inbox.
  • Organizing your computer for easy access to essential documents, and only open the document you are going to work on. Then go onto the next document.
  • Turning off email and IM notifications so that you are not repeatedly interrupted. And, only review your email at set times every day.

Calm Your Senses

Sounds and smells, in particular, can be distracting. If music or calming sounds help you focus, listen to them on your earbuds if you are in an office setting or playing in the background if you work at home. The same goes for scents. Use sachets or a diffuser to fill your space with pleasant aromas. However, if you work in an office setting, make sure that your colleagues aren’t distracted by your scents.

Meditate or Chill

The workday is often long and stressful. You’re expending a lot of mental energy throughout the day, so you need some time to recharge. Take some time throughout the day to meditate, take a walk, or do something mindless. Some say coloring is a great mindless activity that helps them rejuvenate.

Find Inspiration

Do you have a mantra? A word that you find inspiring? Find a word that will serve as a reminder of how you approach your work and put it in artwork, as a screensaver, or even a bracelet that will boost positivity and productivity.

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