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Brain Training Neurofeedback for a Calm and Focused Mind

Neurofeedback games are a core part of brain training in FocusCalm.

Neurofeedback training works on the principle of neuroplasticity, the ability our brains have to change based on practicing a skill (or being exposed to a particular challenge/environment).

Because of neuroplasticity, expert musicians’ brains literally look different because of their training and the extra use their brain regions associated with playing music get.

The same is true for expert athletes, artists, and meditators. Their brains change with practice.

With neurofeedback training, you can train your brain to be calmer and more focused.

In FocusCalm’s neurofeedback games you “win” the game when you get your brain into relaxed state. Winning might mean your race car goes faster, your campfire melts more marshmellows, or you gently help a city fall asleep.

During the game, you can see what kinds of relaxation techniques work to literally change your brain actvitiy.

As you become more relaxed, you score more points, what we call XP (experience points).

FocusCalm has 2 kinds of brain training neurofeedback games: Calm Games, and Focus Games.

Calm Games reinforce your ability to calm your brain quickly, deeply, and consistently. Users often end up with a favorite game, mine is called Bird Brain (it’s like Flappy Bird but played entirely with your brain activity).

The calmer my mind, the more gates I fly through.

Playing this game helps me feel calmer and is reinforcing my brain’s ability to be calm even when I’m not using FocusCalm.

Focus Games target specific executive functions like sustained attention, working memory, decision making, and pattern recognition. These are the skills we use every day at work and in sports.

There’s an extra layer of brain training in Focus Games. In addition to the executive function training, you will score more points by keeping your brain as relaxed as possible.

This reinforces your ability to stay calm under pressure. And how to use the minimal amount of energy necessary to complete the Focus Game.

Imagine needing to “be on” during work or during a competition, or when life gets stressful. Now, imagine being able to navigate that situation without using an ounce of unnecessary effort.

That’s the goal of brain training with Focus Games.

If you want to play FocusCalm’s neurofeedback games and get access to all of the guided meditations and data analytics to see how relaxed your brain is, try the new Bluetooth version of FocusCalm here: 30 Days Risk-Free Brain Training.

If you want to learn more about staying calm under pressure and using the right amount of mental energy, check out this post: Maximal Effort is Not Optimal Effort: How to Apply This “Skill”.


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