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FocusCalm: 12 Minutes Per Day for Less Stress

Taking 10,000 steps per day is a good goal for exercise…right?

It’s a common belief that 10,000 steps per day will give you the benefits of physical exercise.

We use our smartphones and wearable devices to track this metric. And in all honesty, it is a good way to combat the negative effects of being sedentary.

While the 10,000 step rule is a helpful guideline, there isn’t much scientific evidence that 10,000 steps is a meaningful number we should pursue.

In fact, it looks like the 10,000 step rule came from a Japanese pedometer marketing campaign in 1965. Partly because the Japanese character for 10,000 looks like a man walking (read the full story here).

The real answer to how many steps we should target depends on the individual and their environment.

What has been scientifically documented is the number of minutes you need to practice mindfulness to see benefits.

In a study conducted by Dr. Jha from the University of Miami, researchers found that practicing mindfulness for at least 12 minutes per day was the cut-off for seeing benefits. Any less and the practice didn’t make a statistically significant difference.

This is important because it tells us that there is a meaningful number of minutes that we should spend practicing per day if we want to see lasting results.

To this end, we’ve added a way to track the number of minutes users spend in a FocusCalm state of mind, a mental state that reflects a relaxed and alert state a mind similar to mindfulness.

When you use FocusCalm, build up to at least 12 FocusCalm Minutes per day.

This is like getting your 10,000 steps in, but instead of just taking care of your body, you can be confident you’re taking care of your brain and mind.

FocusCalm can measure if your brain is actually entering this state of mind. Using our AI brainwave sensing algorithm, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your mental fitness practice.

With a variety of practices that help you enter this state, FocusCalm is a way for you to efficiently get the stress-reducing benefits of mindfulness and more.

Spending this time in FocusCalm can lead to greater wellbeing, more resilience to burnout, and overall feeling more relaxed and peaceful.

If you’re ready to try FocusCalm 30 days risk-free, click here.

In our next post, we’ll dig deeper into the research our team is doing with businesses that are using FocusCalm to increase workplace wellness.


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