Signs You’re Experiencing Job Burnout

This last year and a half has been a doozy to say the least and many people have been left totally burnt out from their job or on the verge of burnout. If you are feeling completely exhausted and helpless from increased stress and work anxiety, you may be experiencing burnout. It can manifest itself differently in people, but there are some common signs and symptoms you can look out for to understand if you are suffering from burnout.

What is Job Burnout?

Job burnout is the state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion that is caused by excessive and long term stress. It occurs when you have constant demands to meet, unbearable job pressure, and you feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained. Eventually, work anxiety can lead to low motivation, decreased energy and engagement, and low productivity. Unfortunately, job burnout can then manifest itself in other areas of your life and increase your stress in your home life and social life.

Signs of Job Burnout

The symptoms of burnout are gradual and slowly progress or worsen over time. We all might have a bad day or week at work, but burnout occurs when every day is a bad day. Burnout and work anxiety can present itself in physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms.
Physical Signs of Job Burnout: Feeling exhausted and tired all the time; frequent sickness due to a lowered immune system; headaches or muscle pain; and change of appetite or sleep habits including insomnia.
Emotional Signs of Job Burnout: Feeling trapped or defeated at work and/or in your personal life; complete loss of motivation; feeling that you’ve failed; an increased negative perspective on work; and a decreased feeling of accomplishment or that you’ve done something well.
Mental Signs of Job Burnout: Isolating yourself from others; using food, drugs or alcohol to cope with your work anxiety; procrastinating on most tasks and taking longer to finish them; withdrawing from responsibilities; coming in late to work or skipping it altogether on a regular basis; and taking out your feelings and work anxiety on others.

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