The Science

Your Brain Transmits
Electrical Signals

Your neurons send information from one to another using electrical pulses. As those signals make their way to your scalp, the FocusCalm headband records them through sensors on your forehead…and that’s just the beginning.

FocusCalm Can Measure How Calm and Focused You Are

Much like a heart rate monitor can read your pulse, the FocusCalm headband detects the electrical activity in your brain.

When you are focused and calm, your brain gives off a specific signal that we measure using our AI algorithm. Then, we quantify your FocusCalm Score based on 1250 data points in your brainwave signals.

A low score means your mind looks busy and active. A high score means you are focused and calm. The best score you can get is 100, the lowest is 0…And most of the time, you’ll hover around 50.

You CAN train your brain.

The idea of neuroplasticity is that activities like meditation, neurofeedback, and brain games can train your brain to be more focused and calm.

It’s like learning any new skill… The more you practice, the better you get at focusing and calming your mind.

With the positive feedback you get from FocusCalm, your brain learns to prefer being relaxed and alert. And because the FocusCalm app tracks your score over time, you can see just how much you’re improving.

FocusCalm vs. The Competition

Studies Show FocusCalm Really Works


Hundreds of studies have proven that meditation can improve your health and well-being. FocusCalm includes dozens of them with new ones arriving every week!


The United States’ FDA has approved neurofeedback for relaxation and we’ve done our own studies to prove that it can reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

Brain Games

The brain games in FocusCalm are used by F1 drivers, champion weightlifters and people just like you to gain the ability to remain calm under pressure.

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