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Brain Fitness: Less Stress, Better Sleep, More Focus

One of my favorite descriptions of the brain is that it is like a 3-pound universe.

Everything you experience is processed by your brain. It takes in information from your environment and projects what you experience as your reality. People literally live in different worlds because of how their brain processes information. Your brain is (obviously) one of the most important aspects of your life.

Brain fitness is taking care of your mind and brain. Some call it ‘mind training’ or ‘mental fitness’ because the terms encompass all kinds of practices that are good for you. It’s limiting to think that meditation is the only way to improve your mind (although there is plenty of research to back up the benefits of meditation). There are countless variations of brain fitness or mind training, all with different benefits.

I’ve put together a list of research and resources that validate the different methods of brain fitness and how we’ve applied them to FocusCalm.


Hundreds of studies have shown the effectiveness of meditation at reducing stress. One particular study that sums this up nicely is “Mindfulness-based stress reduction for healthy individuals: A meta-analysis” which examined 29 studies that included a total of 2668 otherwise healthy people and found that meditation had a statistically significant impact on reducing stress.

One component of their findings that makes this even more compelling is that on average scientists collected their data 19 weeks after the meditation program had ended, suggesting that the effects of meditation last.


Neurofeedback has been subject to 1000s of research studies. Intuitively, it seems like neurofeedback should be effective at modulating neural activity and therefore have a lasting effect on brain-related conditions. While there are a number of studies that point to its efficacy, so far the FDA has only granted neurofeedback clearance for stress reduction and relaxation.

For us, this fits perfectly well into our training methods because FocusCalm is designed to reduce stress.

Neural efficiency training

This is a new term that many of you may not be familiar with. Neural efficacy training comes out of the work done by Formula Medicine, the organization responsible for the medical care and cognitive training of Formula 1 race car drivers and other elite athletes.

For the past few decades, they have been on the cutting edge of biometric data collection and research. Through their studies and work with athletes, they have discovered that what separates elite athletes from amateurs is their ability to be efficient with their mental activity while performing, or in other words, stay cool under pressure.

By being as mentally efficient as possible you are able to complete tasks without as much mental effort, therefore, conserving your energy while performing at your best. It would be like getting through your day in a low-stress state, performing to the best of your ability, and ending the day with as much energy as possible.


FocusCalm combines all three of these approaches to deliver the most effective training possible to leave you with lower stress while feeling alive, and performing your best, whether that is at work or in sports.

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