Making Your Job More Fulfilling Through Brain Training

Have you felt that your job is just a job and it does not truly fulfill any part of your life? This is common for most employees, unfortunately. Many people go through the motions of working and accomplishing their tasks without any true fulfillment. And at the same time, they probably experience stress and work anxiety a majority of the time. Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate these feelings, decrease your work anxiety, and get more out of your job.

Become More Focused, Calm & Mindful While at Work

If you could feel more focused and calm while at work and decrease your work anxiety, would your job be more enjoyable and fulfilling? It’s possible to retrain your brain to be in a relaxed state, increase your productivity, and be more focused overall at work. FocusCalm uses guided meditations, neurofeedback Calm Games, and Focus Games to retrain your memory, attention, pattern recognition, and reaction time. These skills can help you move through your work day in a more relaxed, proactive, and focused manner rather than feeling stressed, reactive, and unmotivated.

How Can FocusCalm Train My Brain?

FocusCalm works similarly to a heart monitor, it tracks your brain activity and signals. When you are focused and calm, your brain gives off a signal that we can measure and quantify and then compare your signals when you are feeling stressed and anxious. FocusCalm harnesses the power of neuroplasticity which means that you can train your brain to be more focused and calm, and better manage your stress and decrease work anxiety. With activities like meditation, neurofeedback games, brain training games, FocusCalm can help you be more calm. Initially, FocusCalm will teach you how to relax and then strengthen your ability to easily get into a relaxed state. Finally, it will challenge your ability to use that calm state during active tasks like your work responsibilities, while still staying focused, calm, and relaxed. Essentially, you will learn how to stay calm even while under pressure.

Try FocusCalm to Feel More Fulfilled at Your Job!

If you could feel more calm while participating in high-level, stressful meetings or when trying to meet a strict deadline, would you feel more fulfilled at work? For many of our partners, FocusCalm has allowed them to decrease work anxiety and feel more comfortable with everyday work tasks because they have retrained their brain. We are confident FocusCalm will help you do the same, try it today!


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