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Brain Training Programs for Better Performance

Can you really train your brain?

Thanks to the principle of brain plasticity, you can! And there are plenty of real-world scenarios where brain training can help you feel and perform better.

FocusCalm’s Programs are 15-minute custom combos of meditations and neurofeedback brain training games that target specific needs.

  1. Start your day with a calm and focused mind
  2. Fall asleep easily and quickly
  3. Get immediate stress relief
  4. Wind down after work before spending time with your family or friends (my personal favorite)
  5. Prepare to perform your best at work or sports
  6. Reset your focus after a setback
  7. Deal with the performance anxiety
  8. Just take a break and relax!

Each step in the brain training Programs helps you learn to relax your mind, practice anchoring that state of mind, and challenge your ability to stay calm. This 3 step process: Learn, Practice, Challenge reinforces the skills you need to be calmer and more focused throughout your day.

While training only takes a few minutes per day, the benefits stay with you, just like exercise or meditation.

Above, you can see me playing the Soothing Space game, where the more I relax my mind the higher the rocket ship goes.

With FocusCalm you can track your progress, get brain data analytics, and train your brain with engaging games and exercises.

FocusCalm has one goal: To provide you with the most engaging way to train your brain for better focus and a calmer mind.

We’ve included Programs to make it easier to target specific goals you have for yourself, whether that’s better sleep, better performance at work or in sports, or just to feel better, be less stressed, and enjoy yourself more.

If you’d like to try it 30 days risk-free, you can order your new Bluetooth version of FocusCalm here: 30 Days Risk-Free


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