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Better focus. Less burnout. More productivity.
There's never been a more stressful time for healthcare workers. With FocusCalm, you can discover a better, healthier way to handle the demands of your high-pressure job, feel and sleep better and improve your overall sense of well-being.

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Every user gets their own headband and subscription

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FocusCalm Works for Healthcare Workers

Testimonial from Dr. Sagar Parikh

FocusCalm Delivers Measurable Improvements for Medical Personnel


in Emotional Exhaustion


in WHO Wellbeing


in STAI Trait Anxiety

Exclusive Features for Organizations

Team Portal

  • Overall usage statistics and analytics
  • Custom assignments and programs

Custom Solutions

  • Team success manager
  • Discounted FocusCalm Headbands
  • Custom company branding & onboarding
  • Research studies

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  • FocusCalm’s impact on emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, well-being and more.