Train Your Mind to
Manage Stress.

Better focus. Less burnout. More productivity.
There's never been a more stressful time for frontline workers. With FocusCalm, you can discover a better, healthier way to handle the demands of your high-pressure job, feel and sleep better and improve your overall sense of well-being.

A complete solution to help reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout and improve performance

Training Academy

Use with recruits for performance management, skill improvement and as a stress and recovery tool

On Patrol

Down-regulation between stressful incidents for stress management and anxiety reduction

At the Station

Use FocusCalm to combat stress throughout the day and reduce burnout for dispatchers & operators

At Home

A simple, healthy way to decompress after shifts and improve work/life balance

"Having the skill and training to just breathe and the ability to tell yourself to remain calm in the heat of a chase or while you wait for cover is the kind of resilience that’s necessary for an officer."

-Jeff Tudor

Retired Chief of Police,
San Leandro, CA

FocusCalm Delivers Measurable Improvements for Medical Personel


in Emotional Exhaustion


in Depersonalization


in WHO Wellbeing


in STAI Trait Anxiety

Exclusive Features for Organizations

Team Portal

  • Overall usage statistics and analytics
  • Custom assignments and programs

Custom Solutions

  • Team success manager
  • Discounted FocusCalm Headbands
  • Custom company branding & onboarding
  • Research studies

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The report includes details about:

  • FocusCalm’s impact on medical professionals' emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, well-being and anxiety