FocusCalm For Education

Helping educators and students thrive in a stressful world.

Discover the Power of FocusCalm

Student Wellness

FocusCalm is an ideal solution for Student Accomodation Offices and Student Wellness Centers that works for today’s app-first students.

Student Athletics

FocusCalmis already being used in dozens of schools to help athletes improve performance, facilitate recovery and lower competitive stress.

Educator Wellness

Teacher stress and job burnout are major problems. FocusCalm has been shown to improve educators' well-being in a few short weeks.

Why FocusCalm?
  • Supports mental wellness by addressing educators and students as a whole
  • Provides real time feedback that delivers measurable mindfulness training
  • Offers ways to learn new coping strategies to manage work and personal stressors

Exclusive Features for Education:

Team Portal

  • Overall usage statistics and analytics
  • Custom assignments and programs

Custom Solutions

  • Team success manager
  • Discounted FocusCalm Headbands
  • Custom company branding & onboarding
  • Research studies

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STEM Education Solutions
Teach Students Neuroscience

Our sister company NeuroMaker has developed a highly-engaging curriculum that teaches students about neuroscience using the FocusCalm well as offerings for robotics, biomechanics and more.

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Discover how FocusCalm can improve focus and performance for your team. Contact us for a demo of our neurofeedback wearable and the new FocusCalm Team Portal.