The Science of Neurofeedback Devices and Training

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Neurofeedback devices measure your brain activity and use algorithms to provide feedback on your mental state. 

When you quantify your cognitive state, you can practice influencing it and become less stressed and more focused. 

Neurofeedback devices measure your cognitive state by looking at indicators like blood flow or, in the case of FocusCalm, your brain’s electrical activity.

There are specific features of brain activity that let us know how stressed or relaxed someone is. 

Our current algorithm looks at 100s of features per second to measure your brain state.

How does it work? And how does this help you? 

Imagine getting a score that represented how stressed you are…It’s from 0 to 100, where 0 means very stressed and 100 means deeply relaxed.

This score updates once per second to reflect your current state of stress. 

Now, imagine being guided through practices like meditation to increase your score and tracking how well you perform at reducing your stress. 

Over time, you would learn how to quickly and reliability reduce your stress. And you’d be confident there was a real change happening in your brain (because you’d be measuring it!). 

When you workout you quantify how long your run or how much weight you lift.

With FocusCalm you quantify how much you’re improving at reducing your stress.

Now, imagine playing a game that you control directly with your brain. The more you relax your mind, the more points you get. This would be another way to practice your skill of relaxation. 

These games could be almost anything: making a rocket ship fly, playing fun games like Angry Birds, make a ball levitate, or making the sun rise.

The more you relax the higher the rocket ship goes, the more the Sun rises, etc. 

The more you practice these games, the better you get at relaxing. 

Pretty good so far?

Okay, now imagine challenging yourself with brain games that target your working memory, attention abilities, reaction time, and decision-making process.

These games put your brain into a focused state that stretches your capacity to stay relaxed under pressure. This way, you not only practicing relaxation, but also cognitive skills and put your calmness to the test. 

Through this special combination, you’d be able to learn how to relax, practice entering this state, and strengthen your ability to apply it. 

Does this sound like something you want to learn more about? Great! Because we already built it!

You can learn more and try FocusCalm risk-free for 30 days here.

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