January 14, 2023 — 9AM - 4pm

FocusCalm Live Event

Matt's Gym, Boston MA
Discover how neurofeedback can unlock the keys
to performance and productivity for your clients
when you bring them FocusCalm.

Discover The Power of Brain Training

See how mental training can impact every type of performance from athletics to business.

Learn tips, tricks and strategies for using technology to advance mental skills

Discover a powerful new revenue opportunity for your studio or training practice.

Featured Speakers

Dana Santas

Professional Sports Breathing Coach

Max Newlon

President of FocusCalm

Major League Improvements
Adding Breathwork to your Skillset

After working with Dana Santas on his breathing, Aaron Judge saw improvements that upped his game:

“I noticed a change and a feeling of relief quite instantly...It has changed the way I prepare each day and each game I play.”

Aaron Judge, OF, NY Yankees
(as quoted on CNN.com)

Event Schedule

Breathing & Brain Training
9:15AMBreathing-based meditation with Dana Santas
9:30AMIntroduction to Brain Training using FocusCalm with Max Newlon
Hands-on Training with FocusCalm
10:00AMFocusCalm Setup & Interactive Demo
11:00AM‘Hacking Your Breathing’ with Dana Santas
NOONLunch & Networking
The Benefits of Movement for Your Brain
1:00PMMobility Flow Exercise with Dana Santas
1:15PM‘How Movement Affects the Brain’ with Max Newlon
Deep-Dive into Your Brain Data
1:45PMUnderstanding FocusCalm Data
2:45PMParting Meditation
3:00-4:00PMParticipant Mixer

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Full Day Program

A full day of presentations, demonstrations and Q&A with neurofeedback experts


Get a FocusCalm EEG headband and full lifetime access to all the games, activities and meditations.

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You'll also receive a Yoga mat and catered lunch to keep you relaxed and energized through the day.