Expert Training Course

Whether you're a clinician, mental training coach or
you'd like to build a practice to help people maximize
their mental performance and mitigate stress and anxiety,
this course can give you the tools and confidence you
need to succeed.

Course Benefits

Improve Client Outcomes

Customize your programs and track clients' progress to deliver tangible benefits

Grow Your Knowledge

Learn valuable neuroscience concepts that can give you more credibility with clients

Build Your Business

Upgrade your offerings with a value-added service that provides a new income stream

MG1 Elite Performance

Colin Booth — Cognitive Skills Consultant & Coach

"I think the best thing from the course is that you come away from it with a feeling that your knowledge has improved...and that you know how FocusCalm works."

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Course Objectives

  • Learn the fundamentals of applied neuroscience and how the brain can change at any age

  • Become an expert with the FocusCalm device for yourself and your clients

  • Discover the innovative use cases of EEG technology

  • Become skilled in explaining neurofeedback and learn how FocusCalm can be an effective way to deliver its benefits

  • Learn how to use meditation and breathing exercises to strengthen the body and mind of your clients

  • Use our proprietary Learn, Practice, and Challenge system to help clients stay calm under pressure

  • Show clients how the headband works and be able to explain its sensor technology and algorithms

  • Learn how to create customized programs, practices and protocols that improve clients overall performance

  • Earn your verified FocusCalm Course Certification

Learn From Our Experts

President of FocusCalm
Max Newlon

Max is the President of BrainCo, a brain-computer interface (BCI) company incubated in the Harvard Innovation Lab that develops fundamental BCI technology to unlock human potential. 

Max spent the last decade studying cognitive science and neuroscience, human development, and mind-body approaches to wellness and performance. He earned his Master’s degree from Harvard University and conducted fMRI research at some of the best hospitals in the world, as well as studied invasive BMI technology on people with Parkinson’s disease. At BrainCo, he leads the visionary team that is bringing BMI technology to the world so that millions of people can benefit from the next technological revolution that will unlock human potential.

Pro Sports Breathing Coach
Dana Santas, CSCS*D, E-RYT

Known as the “Mobility Maker,” Dana Santas is a breathing, mobility, and mind-body coach in professional sports. She’s the fitness expert for CNN and breathing expert for Focus Calm. She is a published author and inventor and an international presenter on ways to breathe, move and feel better for performance enhancement and healthier, happier living. Dana has nearly two decades of experience with thousands of athletes worldwide and more than 45+ teams, including the Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa Bay Rays, New York Yankees, New York Giants, Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburg Pirates, Atlanta Braves, and many more. She also proudly works with tactical athletes (military, special forces, first responders and veterans), including serving as a consultant to the Fairfax Criminal Justice Academy.

Head of Research & Development
Dr. Neo Mohsenvand

Mostafa ‘Neo’ Mohsenvand is the Head of Research at BrainCo and a postdoctoral research scientist at MIT Media Lab. He obtained his PhD in Brain-Computer Interfacing at MIT and his masters degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Oxford. Neo’s expertise is in computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, recording and decoding brain waves (EEG) and mathematical modeling of biological and sociological systems. In 2017 and 2018, he recorded his life (from a chest-worn camera) for 3000 hours alongside simultaneous EEG, heart rate, galvanic skin response, and other signals. He has worked on self-supervised learning applied to EEG signals and building a new medical device that allows the users to "hear" electrophysiological signals in real-time.

CEO & Founder, Formula Medicine
Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli

Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli is the founder of Formula Medicine, which has been supporting Formula 1 drivers in physical and mental training for over fifteen years. Through his studies, he has developed Mental Economy Training®  that optimizes brain functions, improves emotional control in conditions of high stress, and improves clarity, sense of security, and concentration.

Meditation and Yoga Expert
Fez Aswat

Fez has been teaching meditation in the Boston area since 2000.  He is a two-time cancer survivor, a musician, husband, and father.  Fez has worked closely with his teacher, Tom Alden, for 15 years. He has taught meditation and yoga to groups at various institutions and to diverse populations including physicians, med students, college students, dancers, choreographers, writers, musicians, business owners, social workers, cancer patients, trauma survivors and people in recovery from addictions.  The Lionheart Foundation asked Fez to develop a yoga curriculum for prisoners in solitary confinement in the California State Prison System. With Lionheart, he has also led meditations for teenaged inmates at the Bay State Youth Correctional Facility, and led a meditation program for youth at risk, students, staff and social workers from diverse backgrounds filmed at ROCA in Chelsea, MA.

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