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Less tilt.
Performance under pressure.

From youth to professional teams, FocusCalm is changing the game in esports.
What Is FocusCalm?

FocusCalm is a wearable + app that helps players reduce burnout and anxiety while building positive daily habits that help them perform under pressure, in just a few minutes per day.

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"When it comes to esports, the mental aspect is by far the most important…when you’re playing on stage there’s so many high pressure situations. Your job’s basically on the line every single match you play. Being able to improve your mental fortitude and get more relaxed in these high-pressure situations is what adds the most stability to our placements and our success.”

Brian Baroska
Head Coach, Minnesota Rokkr

"FocusCalm has been very helpful in creating a space where I have been able to increase my awareness of my mindset needs.  The preset programs are very intuitive and concise enough to be used during our very busy schedule.  I would recommend Focuscalm as a great complementary addition to any performance and wellness system."

Robert Yip
Esports Coach

Pro Teams, Youth, Amateurs, and Content Creators

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How the Minnesota Røkkr team trained their brains to have “the craziest comeback in esports history”

Product Features

Choose the right solution for your organization


- Track brain activity in real time
- Dozens of brain-training games and activities with new content each month!
- Detailed analytics on your progress over time
- Track your feelings with the Wellness Calendar
- Customized programs
- Member Support

Esports Teams

All Personal Features PLUS:
Overall usage statistics and analytics
- Team success manager
- Discounted FocusCalm Headbands
- Custom company branding
- Administrator Portal (coming soon)
- Customized onboarding
- Custom coach programming (coming soon)
- Custom video
- Research studies

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