Your brainwaves tell a story.

Your brainwaves tell a story.

Our brains are constantly in action.

Every idea, thought, intention and feeling creates an electrical signal in our brains that, together, form a ‘signature’ of our state of mind.

Using sensors touching the skin of your forehead, the FocusCalm headband takes a real-time snapshot of what your brain signals look like with a technology called an electroencephalograph or EEG.

Based on powerful AI and machine learning, our software compares the real time signals against it receives and compares them against a model based on thousands of samples from high-performing people including elite athletes, race car drivers and many more.

With that comparison, FocusCalm can then help you learn how to make your brain match the patterns of those people.

As you get better and better, you too can reach that mental state faster, more completely and for longer periods of time.

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