How is FocusCalm Different from Meditation?

How is FocusCalm Different from Meditation?

There has been a surge in interest around meditation and yoga in the past decade. Apps like Calm and Headspace have attracted millions of downloads. Pew Research Center found that up to 40% of Americans practice mediation at least once per week. One of the reasons why it has garnered so much attention is it’s proven to work.

I’ve studied meditation for more than 10 years and I practice some form of meditation almost every day. From 2012-2015 I worked in a leading fMRI neuroscience lab at Massachusetts General Hospital that generated groundbreaking results proving that meditation literally changes the structure and function of the brain.

BrainCo includes guided meditations on our platform because we know it works.

But FocusCalm is not meditation.

During our research, we discovered something…

We learned that people want to feel less stressed, more alive and engaged, and accomplish their goals. That is why they meditate. Because meditation helps them achieve that specific goal.

What we offer is a different flavor or take or angle on how to achieve that goal. And while meditation traditions extend to encompass virtues and morality and deeper understanding of the self, our focus is simply on reducing stress and increasing productivity.

People should do the practices and use the tools that help them achieve their goals. For some people that will be meditation, for others, it will be FocusCalm, and for many, it will be a combination. There is room for both practices.

Guided meditation is one of the cornerstones of our platform. What the FocusCalm app does is extend that practice into a variety of exercises that directly strengthen your ability to calm your brain using biofeedback and test your ability to stay calm under pressure during cognitive challenges (similar to how elite athletes train their ability to perform in stressful situations). All the while, measuring the progress your brain is making.

It makes sense that technology would eventually advance to a place where it allowed people to achieve their wellness goals, similar to how meditation has helped people for thousands of years.

We’re excited to have developed a platform that helps people reduce their stress, increase their productivity, and achieve neuro wellness. I look forward to you joining our community of users who train their brains to achieve their own state of FocusCalm.

You can learn more about FocusCalm here, or if you’re ready to get a FocusCalm headband and app you can go here.


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