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Workplace Wellness: How to Train Your Mind to Focus

Better focus.
Less stress.
More productivity.

Wellness in the workplace is a big topic these days. With FocusCalm, your employees can discover new ways to feel better about their work…and themselves. In fact, FocusCalm can help your entire team improve their concentration and confidence while at work. Don’t wait, try FocusCalm today.

What Is FocusCalm For Workplace Wellness?

FocusCalm is a brain-sensing headband and app that helps users manage their mindset in just a few minutes per day. The FocusCalm system can allow employees and managers to improve their focus at work while simultaneously decreasing work anxiety.

Better Performance & Productivity

With continuous use, FocusCalm increased users’ sense of well-being at work by 21%. These results are based on a study conducted 8/15/2020 – 9/15/2020 by FocusCalm’s head neuroscience researcher Dr. Wasifa Jamal and is based on measurements using the World Health Organization’s WHO-5 Wellbeing Index. Use FocusCalm to understand how to train your mind to focus more effectively at work and decrease work anxiety at the same time.

What our partners are saying about FocusCalm…

The Power of Neurofeedback

Brain training can actually change the way your brain works

Improve Your Wellbeing

Reducing feelings of stress can help you enjoy life more and feel more content at work, at home and in all the relationships that matter to you.

Feel Better Overall

Lowering feelings of psychological stress can help reduce the likelihood of many common health problems and can even help you sleep better at night.

Perform Better

Reaching a FocusCalm state can lead to greater productivity, faster response times, more accurate decisions and better results at school, work and play.

Get Energized

In today’s world, stressors are everywhere. Managing your mindset can help you feel more in control and optimistic with just a few minutes a day.

Studies Show FocusCalm Really Works


Hundreds of studies have proven that meditation can improve your health and well-being. FocusCalm includes dozens of them with new ones arriving every week!


The United States’ FDA has approved neurofeedback for relaxation and we’ve done our own studies to prove that it can reduce stress and improve focus at work.

Brain Games

The brain games in FocusCalm are used by F1 drivers, champion weightlifters and people just like you to gain the ability to remain calm under pressure.

Product Features

Choose the right solution for your organization


Track brain activity in real time

Dozens of brain-training games and activities with new content each month!

Detailed analytics on your progress over time

Track your feelings with the Wellness Calendar

Customized programs

Member Support


All Personal Features PLUS:

Overall usage statistics and analytics

Team success manager

Discounted FocusCalm Headbands

Exportable data

Customized onboarding

Administrator Portal (coming soon)

Custom virtual events (coming soon)

Custom company branding


All Personal & Corporate Features PLUS:

Custom coach programming (coming soon)

Custom video

Research studies

Get Started With FocusCalm for Workplace Wellness

Volume Discounts for Corporate Customers!

Contact us for a demo and a 30 day FREE trial of FocusCalm. What are you waiting for? Improve focus in the workplace by utilizing guided meditations and brain games with FocusCalm. We feel confident knowing that you will learn how to train your mind to focus and decrease work anxiety. Feel and experience the difference with FocusCalm.

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